NEURO: NEW! Premium IsoTherm plates glide through hair for smoothing, flips and waves.

BRUSHES: Express Ion Round®, 413 Sculpting Brush, 407 Styling Brush, 427 Paddle Brush, Teasing Brush, Detangler Comb and more. 

MITCH: For men. Double Hitter™ Shampoo + Conditioner, Construction Paste™, Hardwired™ Spiking Glue, Steady Grip™ Natural Shine Gel, Clean Cut™ Semi-Matte Styling Cream, Reformer™ Matte-Finish Texturizer, Barber's Classic™ Pomade.

EXPRESS DRY:  Quick. Fresh. Manageable. Refreshes and boosts volume in minutes. Includes Dry Wash™ Express Waterless Shampoo,  Stay Strong™ Express Dry Strong Hold Hairspray.

CURLS: Discover the detangling, frizz-fighting, answer to beautiful curls. Spring Loaded Shampoo™, Full Circle Leave-In Treatment™ Frizz-Free Curl Therapy, Twirl Around™  Curl Definer, Ultimate Wave™ Beachy Texture Cream-Gel.

SUN:  Soft. Shiny. Vibrant. Protects every strand from UV damage. Includes Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo™,  After-Sun Replenishing Masque™,  Sun Shield Conditioning Spray™.

Salon business hours for walk-ins, product purchases, making appointments (at the salon) and walk-ins are Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. Early morning, late afternoon and Saturday are available (by appointment only). Appointments can also be made online (above), or texting/calling your stylist directly.

We carry the full range of Paul Mitchell product lines: Sun, Express Dry, Curls, Mitch, Awapuhi, Color Care, Extra-Body, Moisture, Smoothing, Strength, Original, Clarifying, Condition, Soft Style, Flexible Style, Firm Style, as well as Dryers, Irons and Brushes. 

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DRYERS: Express Ion Dry®, Express Ion Dry®, TurboLight™, Express Ion Dry®, HotLight™, and The Diffuser.

IRONS: Express Ion Smooth®, Express Ion Style®, Express Ion Curl® and Express Ion Curl® XL.

EXTRA-BODY: Give fine hair a boost with the Extra-Body Series. Extra-Body Daily Shampoo®, Extra-Body Daily Rinse®, Extra-Body Daily Boost®, Extra-Body Sculpting Gel®, Extra-Body Sculpting Foam®, Thicken Up® & Extra-Body Sprays®.

CLARIFY: Deeply cleanse and purify hair from the inside out with the Clarifying Series by Paul Mitchell: Shampoo Two® and Shampoo Three®.

CONDITION: Keep hair looking and feeling healthy with the Condition Series by Paul Mitchell:The Rinse™, Lite Detangler® and The Masque®.

AWAPUHI: Proven ingredients restore dry, damaged hair. Professional treatment restores hair up to 80%, 100% sulphate-free shampoo with rich lather, modern styling products hydrate and protect. Entire system is color safe.

FIRM STYLE: Create bold looks with a strong, long-lasting hold. Super Clean Sculpting Gel®, Dry Wax™,  Super Clean Extra®, Freeze and Shine Super Spray®, XTG®. 

COLOR CARE: Protect and maintain your color: Color Protect® Daily Shampoo + Conditioner, Color Protect® Reconstructive Treatment, Color Protect® Spray, Platinum Blonde Shampoo™, Color Protect® Post Color Shampoo.

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FLEXIBLE STYLE: Create versatile looks with medium hold with Flexible Style. ESP®, Super Sculpt™, Hair Sculpting Lotion™, Re-Works®, Slick Works®, Spray Wax™, Wax Works®, Sculpting Foam™ and more.  

MOISTURE: Hydrate and refresh thirsty, brittle hair. Instant Moisture® Daily Shampoo, Instant Moisture® Daily Treatment, The Wash®, Super-Charged Moisturizer®, Awapuhi Moisture Mists®,  Awapuhi Bar®.

ORIGINAL: Cleanse and condition any hair type with the Original Series: Shampoo One®, Awapuhi Shampoo® (Original), The Conditioner™, The Detangler®, Hair Repair Treatment®, Seal and Shine®.

STRENGTH: Strengthen and rebuild damaged hair. Super Strong® Daily Shampoo, Super Strong® Daily Conditioner, Super Strong® Treatment, Super Strong® Liquid Treatment™, The Super Strengthener™.

SOFT STYLE: Create a natural look with a light, touchable hold. Soft Sculpting Spray Gel®, Foaming Pommade®, Soft Spray®, Super Clean Light®, The Cream®, The Shine™ and Heat Seal®.

SMOOTHING: Tame and smooth coarse, textured and rebellious. Super Skinny® Daily Shampoo, Super Skinny® Daily Treatment, Super Skinny® Serum, Super Skinny® Relaxing Balm™, Gloss Drops®,  Straight Works®.